28 Feb 2013

Elric Brothers

one of my favorite anime/manga series of all time,
Fullmetal Alchemist!!

24 Feb 2013

fighting mediocrity

tho i complain about this is school a lot and feel they ain't teaching me anything, 
i'm still grateful that they offer us life-drawing everyday.
in my opinion, life drawing is one of the most important fundamentals,
and it is cool how i can apply it to everything else i do whether it is painting, layout, chara design, or animation, etc.

17 Feb 2013

sketchbook dump

finally finished my 2nd sketchbook ever,
i don't actually draw a lot, that must change =[
just some random sketches that i didn't hate as much as the rest of them.

7 Feb 2013


speed painting, over 9000 hours.
no seriously, need to be more efficient.

again, lots of inspiration from Halo4 art (Sparth, Thomas Sholes, John Liberto etc).
and many other amazing artists! (FengZhu, David Levy),
and the list goes on and on.....