19 Dec 2012

Winter break

Finally school is finished now i have a chance to improve and learn new stuff.
been trying out new things during the break, i don't usually paint like this, but i had a lot of fun!
mainly inspired by Scott Robertson, Danny Gardner, Thomas Scholes and Salaryman! and many others of course.

15 Dec 2012


Layout assignment.
i was inspired by Halo 4 art, SEXIEST ART BOOK I OWN.
check out the crew and 343 Industries, i'm not gonna name them all.

everything is drawn with pencil then toned digitally.


14 Dec 2012


 Last bits of Life Drawing from this semester, 
didn't really have much time to go for the last couple of weeks, 
too much homework!

7 Dec 2012


 its been a year since i first learned how to open photoshop and how to digi paint,
kind of scary thinking that i only have about a year until internship.

didn't do much personal art this semester, 
school has been keeping me BUSY like never before,
all this stress and workload is slowing making me forget how it feels like to be drawing for the fun of it.